Just A Pack Of Neurons

by Neil Rosengarden

Released 2006
Released 2006
From the Sacred to the Profane... He Spews Upon the Listener Leaving No Tone Unstirred.
Neil Rosengarden Just A Pack Of Neurons

1. A Whole New Thing

2. Leo

3. Thing In Five

4. Sandy

5. French Horn Dance

6. James Brown In Tanganyika

7. Faurecercize

8. I’ve Had Just About Enough Of Your Shit (For Now)

9. What Is Wrong With Me?

10. Quittin’ Time

11. It Flows

12. Monkey Song

13. Beautiful Tonight

14. Just Anyone

15. Motorcycle Man

16. In Brooklyn, New York

17. People Are Stupid All Over The World

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Neil Rosengarden
Paul Hanson plays Electric Guitar on Faurecercise
Produced, Arranged, Sung and Played by Neil Rosengarden
All Music and Lyrics are by Neil Rosengarden
© P 2006 Neil Rosengarden
Pub. by Neil Rosengarden Music - BMI All Rights Reserved