Four Songs

by Neil Rosengarden

Released 2017
Released 2017
A uniquely dimensional song cycle uniting the talents of visionary poet-songwriter Stevie Kalinich and multi-instrumental-composer-songwriter-singer Neil Rosengarden for a sometimes dark, sometimes joyful, utterly exhilarating musical journey.
Quick, raw and real. It started in November 2016 when the first title popped into my head. I had been sending music tracks to Stephen Kalinich hoping that he might write some lyrics... Eventually he did. All of a sudden I became busier and while I was writing arrangements for another project, I recorded these four songs at home. Paul Zollo had this to say about the tracks:

1. Holiday On The Roof - Classic Beatlesque celebratory-rock rave-up, ideal for perfect party anthem for the Summer of '17

2. Here Comes Something - Hypnotically funky Motown-meets-Steely Dan ode to love and its carnal pleasures

3. I Think I'm Falling In Love Again - An exultant and catchy folk-rock celebration of romantic hope

4. Bitter Pill To Swallow - Raw trip-folk Neil Young/Kurt Cobain song of infinite yearning

Words and Music by Stephen John Kalinich and Neil Rosengarden

All instruments and voices by Neil Rosengarden
Recorded and mixed by Neil Rosengarden
CD Mastering by G+J Audio Gene Paul
Back cover photo by Penni Barnett
Produced by Neil Rosengarden