One of those rare musical artists gifted not on one but many instruments, Neil Rosengarden is also a celebrated composer and songwriter. His first instrument was piano, before becoming somewhat fluent on trumpet, bass, guitar, drums, French horn, trombone, percussion and more. He had his show-biz debut at the remarkable age of nine playing trumpet with with the legendary Al Hirt on a Thanksgiving TV special called “Home For The Holidays.” He started composing his own instrumental music then, writing songs, arranging and orchestrating. He went on to learn xylophone and vibraphone, as well as flugelhorn, recorder, guitar, harpsichord and more, all of which he brought to the live shows and recording sessions of many legends, including Aretha Franklin, Nanci Griffith, Doug Sahm, John Prine, P.F. Sloan, Paul Brady, Allison Moorer, Jerry Reed, Guster and much more. He’s also dedicated himself to writing and recording his own remarkable music, including his landmark album Ohio, which was reviewed as “a library of mankind’s greatest music… a profusion of riches.” It’s there you get the totality of his musical expression, from folk and funk through rock & roll and orchestral, all united by a singular heart of deep soul, chromatic whimsy and deep melodics.   - Paul Zollo