MORE LOVE (my third single) is now available digitally through all the usual channels.... If you prefer a CD, I've got some, but doesn't track single CDs, so...

Please tell everyone you know who downloads music to do it!!!

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Thank you!!!

Let me write and produce the music for your next movie. Check out my new Soundcloud :30 clips!!

Rest in peace PF Sloan (1945-2015) Thank you for your friendship and more.

I met Phil Sloan in 1987 through Bob Burchman. He wanted me to help him record some demos. I had a 4 track Tascam PortaOne and I wasn't afraid to use it. I had been a fan of his songs for years, and I felt an instant connection, us being Long Island boys. I noticed right away that he had seen some really hard times. We worked on two of his songs for a few months. It was enjoyable and a bit frustrating to me because he was constantly making changes and rewrites. It didn't occur to me at the time that he was the one who had all those hit songs, and that maybe had something to do with it.

I was invited to play bass in the band that he put together to play at the Troubadour in late 1993. It was tremendous fun playing for the folks that made the music that I liked.

Once, he came over and serenaded me and my then wife to a concert of his songs. We played our favorite Beatles songs, too.

I moved to Nashville in 1995, and every few years I would see him (in LA). I saw him perform at the South Pasadena library last year, and he was amazingly wonderful. I really wanted to work with him again and I'm sorry he is gone. What a nice person.

I will be performing Friday, December 4 @ Muse on 8th with some singer-songwriter pals. 8PM Come on down!!!